What you can expect:

  • Account structure review
    Structure can make or break a paid campaign. We’ll identify the issues which are potentially not just costing you visibility, but also money.

  • Competitive analysis
    Are you measuring how are your ads performing against your competition? How are you ensuring you’re staying ahead of the rest? If the answer to both is “I don’t know”, that’s what we’re here for!

  • Performance analysis
    We’ll highlight the key areas for improvement across your account and areas you need to be capitalising on further.

  • Wastage spend analysis
    We’ll summarise where your “wastage” spend is against your key business objectives, and offer guidance on where this media budget should be spent.

  • Growth analysis
    We’ll review where your biggest opportunities for achieving your paid objectives lie within the account, based on industry trends, new campaign/ad formats, new markets and how you can be more competitive in the market.

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It’s easy to be blindsided by your efforts and hit a bit of a brick wall when it comes to knowing what to do to reignite stagnant paid search campaigns and maximise results.

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